• Interior Painting
    Our painters are craftsmen who use tried and true skills mixed with modern techniques to create beautiful finished rooms in your home. This is all accomplished while keeping furniture, floors, and carpets protected.
  • Exterior Painting
    We caulk and prime as needed to provide a quality exterior as well as re-glazing windows and doors…..all while keeping your sidewalks, scrubs, and roof clean.
  • Paperhanging
    We hang a variety of wallpaper, including grass cloths.
  • Wall Scraping
    We are able to remove difficult wallpaper and glue while minimizing damage to the walls. This is one of the keys to a professional looking finish.
  • Color Consultations/Decorating
    We provide color consultations at no cost. We involve you in all the decorating/color decisions to ensure a well coordinated look.
  • Power Washing
    We are equipped to power wash your home’s exterior and decks.
  • Drywall Repairs
    We repair water damage to drywall, remove mildew, and treat water stains. We repair nail pops, cracks, and damaged dry wall tape. • 610-627-1677 • 1-800-311-4999